SEO Targeting for Criminal Defense Attorneys

For the most part, criminal defense attorneys will follow the general SEO best practices for lawyers. However, the nature of your clientele means you will need to make a few adjustments.

This blog is provided for general information only. Always talk to a laywer or other appropriate professional before making decisions.

How to Target Out Defendants

Defendants who are out on bail will often be searching for their own lawyer. You can usually reach them with general keyword targeting. This will include things like “drug charges,” “defenses to DUI,” and “maximum sentence for assault.”

In addition to targeting specific crimes, target their questions and needs. Here are some examples.

  • What happens if I skip my court date?
  • Should I hire a lawyer when I have a public defender?
  • Can I lose my job if I have to go to court?
  • Should I take a plea deal?
  • How do I get my bail money back?

How to Target In Defendants

When a defendant is in custody, a friend or family member will often be tasked with helping them find a lawyer. You’ll want to take a similar approach to out defendants, but also think about friends and family concerns.

  • What are the visitation rules for Any Town Jail?
  • How do you bail someone out?
  • How do I find out when my loved one’s next court date is?
  • How long does it take to go to trial?

How to Target Defendants Under Investigation

Investigations are trickier, because you don’t want to do anything that could be seen as aiding a crime, and smart defendants won’t be googling about their crimes. However, there will still probably come a time when a defendant starts thinking about hiring a lawyer.
In these cases, think general targeting plus more transactional-type questions.
  • How much does a lawyer cost?
  • Do I need a lawyer before I’m arrested?
  • When should I hire a lawyer?

In addition, address concerns not directly related to the crime.

  • Will I be arrested without notice?
  • Should I talk to the police?
  • Should I volunteer evidence in my defense?

Writing Your Practice Area Page and Blog Posts

In addition to content, you also need to pay close attention to how you write your law firm’s web content. Many criminals have low education levels, so you need to keep things sort and simple. On the other hand, if you’re targeting complex white collar defense, you’re likely dealing with an educated buyer who can both handle and will want more information.

Things to consider are:

  • Who you’re dealing with.
  • How you talk to them in person.
  • How much they can understand.
  • How much information they want.

Closing the Deal

Most arrests are as a result of not planning ahead. When people need your help, they’ll want it now. Make sure you convey a sense of urgency and how you’re ready to help now. Back it up with a way to contact you quickly. 24/7 phone calls and similar are more of a practice management decision, but from an online sales standpoint, if clients view three lawyers as the same, they’re going with the one who answers first.

If you don’t have the time or SEO expertise to write your own posts, you can hire a legal content writer.