Should a Law Firm Make an Instagram Business Profile?

Whether you’re a boomer or unironically use yeet in your daily vocabulary, you might think that Instagram is a trendy way to promote your law firm. Depending on your practice area and how you intend to use your Instagram business profile, you might actually be on to something.

This blog is provided for general information only. Always talk to a laywer or other appropriate professional before making decisions.

What is an Instagram business profile?

For those who have been living in a doc review basement, Instagram is a social media site based on sharing pictures. You can post pictures with captions or pictures that include text. There are also ways to share your content, connect with other users, and comment on each other’s content.

Instagram business profiles are designed for businesses instead of individuals. With a business profile, you get extra tracking tools to see how many people are viewing your posts. You also get additional promotional tools and are allowed to market in ways you can’t do with a personal profile.

What are the benefits of using social media marketing in general?

Social media marketing is great for law firms because it allows you to connect with your clients and show them what you’re up to. You can also share photos and videos with followers.

Social media makes it easy for clients to share your profile with people they know are looking for a lawyer. It also gives you credibility as someone with satisfied clients following you.

What are the benefits of having an Instagram business profile?

If you’ve decided to include social media in your law firm marketing strategy, there are many benefits of upgrading to an Instagram business profile.

  • Get more data about your content. Instagram Insights gives you stats on how many people follow you, view your posts, click on your posts, and like your posts. This helps you understand what kind of content works well for your target audience. It also tells you what type of content does not work well.
  • Get better control over your brand. Law firms can add hashtags, links, and other information to make their posts stand out.
  • Be taken seriously. A business profile helps you be seen as a legitimate business not just some random person who may be a scammer.
  • Link to your other content. Links to your blog posts and other content are an important SEO factor. Instagram stories allow you to link to your content on other channels but only if you have a business profile.
  • Use Instagram advertising. In addition to creating your own content, you can run ads on other topics of interest. For example, a business lawyer might target small business owners.
  • Schedule your posts. A business profile lets you schedule posts in advance to help you keep your social content fresh when you’re too busy to post or away on vacation.

What do law firms get from having an Instagram business profile?

A law firm is a business, so the business benefits of having an Instagram profile apply even if you’ve never thought about your firm that way. Additionally, since there aren’t many lawyers using Instagram, it’s a way to dip into untapped sources of new clients.

Are lawyers allowed to use Instagram?

You may think that the reason that law firms don’t use Instagram is that there are ethical issues involved. That’s not true.

Posting on Instagram is perfectly fine under any state’s ethics rules. You just need to make sure you’re following the usual required practices like not posting misleading content and not breaking client confidentiality.

What specifically can you use Instagram for?

There are many types of content you can post on Instagram to help you promote your firm.

  • Client successes. With your client’s permission, you can show things like the grand opening of a business you helped incorporate or a picture of an adoption ceremony you made possible.
  • Personal content. While you don’t want to get too personal, showing your clients you’re human with things like pictures of your home office dog can help you build connections.
  • Shared interests. Another way to promote your firm is to promote shared interests relevant to your practice. For example, many motorcycle accident attorneys ride themselves and participate in group rides and other events they can post pictures of.
  • Community involvement. You can also include pictures of your community involvement, like community service or charity events.

How can a law firm get started on Instagram?

Once you’ve got an account set up, you’ll be ready to start marketing yourself on Instagram.

You should follow the people who inspire you. Follow the companies that you respect. Follow the lawyers and law firms that provide similar services from other states, because you want to be inspired by them as well. Follow hashtags related to your community, your hobbies, and things that excite you, because those are the things that you care about. Don’t follow anyone or anything controversial unless taking a side is an intentional part of your branding.

Explore the accounts you followed and others you intend to compete with. Look at the stories at the top. Visit, search, and explore. Get a good feel of what you like and what doesn’t work for your law firm. Also, notice posts from other law firms mix into the content from your followers. This will help you understand what works and what doesn’t for your firm.

How can you set up your law firm Instagram profile?

Time needed: 15 minutes.

  1. Create your account

    Create an account at Use a phone number or email that clients will have so you show up in their suggestions of who to follow.

  2. Download the app

    You’ll also need to download the app for your phone or tablet in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft store.

  3. Set up your profile

    This is easy. Just follow the instructions on the page until you’re done. Be sure to include your law firm’s contact information so local clients can easily find you, visit your firm, and get in touch.

  4. Link your Facebook page (optional)

    If you have a Facebook business page, you can link that to your Instagram profile so clients who visit you on Instagram can see that resource as well.

  5. Start posting

    Start posting to your new account.

How often do you need to post?

This is up to you, but if you don’t post at least several times per week, having an inactive profile may do you more harm than good. Remember, it will show up in other online searches, not just on Instagram. You don’t want an inactive marketing channel potentially burying your active ones. See also: How often should you post on your blog?

If you’re the kind of person that posts on social media several times per day and it makes sense for your practice area, go for it. Just make sure it’s real and engaging content. No one wants to see lawyer spam over and over again.

What if you’re not good at social media?

Hire an intern or associate who is. Seriously. Business development is an important skill.

Ps. If you’re applying for jobs and you’re good at social media, put it on your resume with a link to your profile.


An Instagram business profile can certainly help promote your law firm. This is especially true if you have a practice area that gives you a lot of opportunities to share related content. If you do decide to create an account, treat it as an important marketing tool and invest enough time in it to make it pay off.